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Specialized Units

Specialized Units

NOEMS contains many highly specialized units and medics are encouraged to pursue a career path in the area that best utilizes their talents.

EMS Rescue Team

Our EMS Rescue Team is rigorously trained to excel in high-angle and confined-space rescues, vehicle extrications, and water rescue missions.

Hazmat Medical Team

Equipped to operate in hazardous environments, our Hazmat Medical Team excels in hot zone rescues and offers vital assistance in warm zones.

Bike Team

Certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association, our Bike Team springs into action during high-density special events, providing advanced medical care with precision.

Tactical Medical Team

Collaborating seamlessly with the NOPD SWAT team, our Tactical Medical Team is on the front lines during SWAT operations and high-risk warrant executions. They also engage in valuable partnerships and training with agencies such as the ATF, US Marshals, LA State Police, DEA, and occasionally the FBI.

Water Rescue Team

When waterborne emergencies arise, our Water Rescue Team responds promptly, executing surface and subsurface water rescues with expertise.

Urban Search and Rescue Medical Team

This multi-disciplinary team is well-prepared to locate, extricate, and deliver initial medical stabilization for individuals trapped or missing in various emergency and disaster scenarios.

Community Outreach Team

Dedicated to providing bystander response training such as hands-only CPR, Stop the Bleed, and opioid overdose prevention to the New Orleans community. This team also works closely with the health department to support medical public safety measures such as vaccination clinics.

Diversity Equity Advocates

The DEA team strives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only at New Orleans EMS but also in the community. They stand beside people in recognition of their differences and aim to accept and celebrate those differences to bring us together.

Blood Medics

Setting the standard in pre-hospital care, our Blood Medics take pride in their responsibility to initiate pre-hospital blood transfusions for both adult and pediatric patients. New Orleans EMS remains the sole EMS agency in the state of Louisiana with this extensive scope of practice.